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Pressurized Irrigation Water Preparation- Remember to Close Your P.I. Valve
The American Fork City Water Division will begin filling the pressurized irrigation system over the next two weeks. Just a reminder to make sure your main pressurized irrigation valve is in the closed position. Closing the valve will help protect the pipes and sprinkler heads from damage when the high pressure system is turned on around April 15.

Water should be available for use around April 15.

Watch for water conservation tips. Because Utah is the 2nd driest State in the nation, we need to use our water wisely. We call all work together to preserve our precious water resource!

Draft Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan Presented to Planning Commission and City Council for Input
A Draft Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan was presented to the Planning Commission on February 19th and to the City Council at its Work Session on February 20th.  The draft plan looks to the future with the arrival of commuter rail in American Fork.  

According to the Center for Transit-Oriented Development, "Transit-oriented development is often defined as higher density mixed-use development within walking distance-or a half a mile-of transit stations.  The draft plan includes

- Increased "location efficiency" so people can walk, bike and take transit.
- Ways to boost transit ridership and minimize traffic. 
- A rich mix of housing, shopping and transportation choices.
- Way to generate revenue for the public and private sectors and provide value for both new and existing residents.
- The creation of a sense of place.

Gerry Tully of Psomas explained the draft plan to both the Planning Commission and City Council.  He explained that the Transit Area Development Zone includes about 400 acres south of I-15.  He reported that the Tech Corridor along I-15 from Provo to Salt Lake City was the number one fastest growing Tech Corridor in the United States right now.  

It was discussed that there was still more work to be done on the TOD plan and that the TOD plan was a living document that could be amended as needed.  The Planning Commission and City Council Members were asked to provide the Planning Department feedback on the draft plan. 

Click here to review the DRAFT Transient Oriented (TOD) Plan. 

Open Burn Period Began March 30th
The Open Burn Period has been set for March 30th to May 30th.  A burn permit is required to burn within American Fork City limits during this period.  Burn permits will be available at the American Fork Fire/Rescue Station, 96 North Center beginning March 30.  The cost is $20 per permit.  Only cash or check will be accepted.  

In addition to obtaining a burn permit from the Fire Department those who wish to burn must also access the web link to fill out the State of Utah burn permit prior to any burning done in American Fork.  Please note that there are penalties for burning without a permit per American Fork City Code. 

If you have any questions regarding the open burn period or obtaining a burn permit, please call 801-763-3045. 

Household Hazardous Waste Day - April 12th
Utah County residents with household hazardous waste items such as old gasoline, paint, fluorescent light bulbs, and unused medications can dispose of these items safely at the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The collection will take place in the west parking lot of the Provo Towne Centre Mall.  For details, including a list of what will or will not be collected, please visit or call 801-225-8538 (north) or 801-489-3027 (south). 

American Fork Police Department Continues Fundraising Effort for Two New Police Dogs
The Department's two police dogs, Wolf and Duco are nine years old and suffer from arthritis, back and joint discomfort, and fatigue. The costs associat...ed with purchasing the dogs, transportation and other necessary equipment is estimated at $30,000.

Donations can be made to the AFPD K-9 Fund at any Bank of American Fork, or cash and checks will be accepted at the American Fork Police Department, 75 East 80 North, American Fork UT 84003. For more information or answers to questions, please contact K-9 officers Russell Bishop (801-404-6145) or Ryan Archuleta (801-376-4181). They may also be reached by e-mail at or

The Police Department appreciates the generous donations from the community that have already been received. Just yesterday the Bank of American Fork donated $11,000 toward this effort.

To learn more about this fundraising effort:

State of the City Address
Mayor Hadfield gave the State of the City Address on January 14 ,2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting at Historic City Hall, 31 North Church Street.  He reported that the state of the City is strong, as well as highlighted 2013 accomplishments.  To review the State of the City Address, please click here.   

Landlord Registration - Residential Rental Permit Ordinance Enacted
On November 19, 2013, the American Fork City Council enacted an ordinance requiring owners of residential rentals to register with the City. The ordinance was brought forward by the Neighborhood Preservation Committee with the endorsement of the Police department in an effort to improve the lines of communication and notification between the City’s emergency services and the residential rental owners. The ordinance makes available to the Fire, Police, and Public Works departments the immediate contact information of the owners of residential rentals in the event of a critical incident at their rental properties. In the past, when a fire, water break, or criminal event has occurred at a residential rental with or without the renter’s knowledge, the City has been challenged to locate the responsible party (owner) for notification and to turn the property over to. For example, if a rental is vacant or the renters are on vacation, and the water line ruptures between the main and the house, the city struggles to locate the property owner. The same is true for a structure fire or a criminal event where the renters are arrested and removed from the property – who does the City contact? True, the owner’s information is on the county tax records, but that information may represent a family partnership, LLC, or business for which there is no emergency contact information. This ordinance will facilitate a quicker notification between the City services and the property owners. 

To learn more about who should register, how to register, when, etc., please click here.

Landlord Registration Ordinance

City Receives Clean Audit Report
Gilbert and Stewart, the independent certified public accounting firm that audits the City’s financial statements, presented the fiscal year 2012-2013 audit to the City Council at the City Council Meeting on December 10, 2013. The City’s financial statements and internal control practices were found to be in full compliance with all generally accepted auditing standards and governmental auditing standards. 

Click here to view American Fork City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for period ended June 30, 2013.  Copies of the Annual Financial Report are also available for review in the City Recorder’s Office, 51 East Main, American Fork City. 

FY 2013-14 Budget Adopted
The American Fork City Council adopted the FY 2013-14 Budget on June 11, 2013.  To view budget highlights,
click here.  To view th FY 2013-14 Budget, click here. 





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